Thank you very much! Thanks for all those who have joined my group. Join my new Yahoo group http://groups.yahoo/group/Djsramblings/ I will still be posting to Nifty as well as my Yahoo group Please remember that kids are our future. It's xnxx mom time xnxx movies to protect them. No Child Should Have To Sleep On The Street Tonight! Hugs Darrin Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2010 22:40:20 -0700 (PDT) From: Darrin Thomas Subject: Dylian Book II Chapter 22 Dylian videos xnxx Book II Chapter 22 Upon arriving at the hospital, Misha and I headed for Simon's room. I forgot Even was there, until I heard xnxx video laughter. Knocking I waited for a reply, "Come in." {}Oh xnxx porno hi, Dad, who is the cute kid with you? Hey, have you ever seen Jeff Dunham, what a comedian!{} Misha's eyes japan xnxx grew wide, either free porn xnxx from the way my tamil xnxx son communicated or seeing the two teens together in bed. Then again, it might be from my youngster's reference to his looks. 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And, you were left with an evil step father!" {}Calm down little guy, I didn't mean anything bad. Look, xnxx indian I lost my mom, too, and only have xxnx had a Dad for a few months now. He rescued Ev and xnxx hindi me from evil people. I hope you stay with us forever!" "Yeah, your dad had him errested." "You mean arrested, right?" "Yeah, sorry. Mr. Even, you said your momma is a good doctor." "Yeah, the xxnn best, she helps run this hospital." At this point, Nurse Powers entered the room to take Simon's vitals. The woman saw the little kid, so she said, "SIMON! You free xnxx know you porn xnxx can't go over to the younger side and steal a kid! You need japan xnxx to return him, before you get us both in trouble!" Simon felt the eleven-year-old begin to freak out, so he said, {}Oh hush, Momma Powers! This is xnxx bokep my new little bro, he came to see me and Aunt Debbie. Misha, meet my nurse, her son, is one of the doctors that treat me. Better be nice to my friend, remember what happened to Nurse Anderson, when she tried to take xnxx korea on Dad!{} "Yes, I couldn't be more happy about it, either! Now then, Sweetie, please put this gown on in the bathroom. The opening goes to the back, do you need help with that?" The youngster nodded, he pointed at Simon. My child explained he xnxx india was bedridden, instead he suggested his boyfriend. In response, the smiling tyke aimed his arms towards Even. My nephew took them with tears in his eyes. The adolescent carried the little boy there, xnxx anime where he helped his charge xnxx xnxx change. Once the eleven-year-old disrobed, the adolescent saw the bruised condition of tamil xnxx the kid's body, so he asked, "Little guy, how did you get so many bruises?" "From my xnx.com step Father's beatings." "I need to xnxx arab tell Mom!" The poor youth started to xnx cry uncontrollably. Once he calmed down, he pleaded, "Please don't, he will hit me, xnxx com again!" 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It's a small town about forty miles south of Moscow. My birth mother was very young, she died while xnxx video having me. I had no one else, so xnxx video I ended up in an orphanage, until two Americans adopted me: They brought me here to live. Dad, being a marine, went to Iraq, where he xnxx gay got killed in the war. Mom married Frank after a while. Then I became sick, Mom died in a xnxx india car crash. That's my life." "Sweetie, who is your doctor?" "Dr. Adams, I hate him!" Debbie had the physician paged. The disgruntled man showed up. "What's the meaning of this, why is my patient here?! He had his treatment and xnxx telugu was sent home to recuperate at his father's instructions. How dare you summon me like a school boy!" "Sir, if I were you, I'd watch my tone! Misha has a new guardian, who wants me to look after him. I have questions about his current care. Why on earth xnxx tv were you treating a child with leukemia as an outpatient?" 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Thomas Subject: Dylian Book II chapter 24 Dylian Book xnxn II Chapter 24 I wasn't sure what happened, but I felt the matter involved my son, hence I asked, www xnxx "Does this concern Dylian's accidentally overhearing a chat between you and Nichole?" "I didn't know he had, however yes, it's about our conversation. Uncle Drew, I fear she japanese xnxx wwwxnxx will run away, unless xnxx porn you speak with tamil xnxx her immediately! You might want to invite Agent Jim out to the xnxx videos xnxx japanese house. That is all I'm ready to say, come on, Dylian, let's go make a root beer float!" With the departure xnxx jav of the two, I headed upstairs to Nichole`s sleeping quarters. Pausing outside her room, I detected muffled cries. I knocked, no reply was forth coming, hence I said, "Dear, it is Drew. May I please enter?" "Yeah." she whispered. Easing the door open, I noticed she lay face down. Therefore, I asked, "Sweetie, may I talk to you?" "I guess." she sniffed. "Dakota and Dylian said you want to leave, are you unhappy?" "Oh no, Sir, I love it here! You treat my brothers and me great. It's just that, well,... never mind." "That won't do! Please explain why you feel badly, xnxxx so we can fix it. But, before you reply, I must tell you something. Nichole, would you please look at me?" I waited for her to turn, then I went on. "Thank you. Now, where was I? Oh, yes. I need xnxx korea to mention how you xnxx app three stole my heart within hours xmxx of our first meeting! You are safe here, there isn't a single thing you could ever do, which would cause me to throw you out! I understand it may take you time to trust me. xnx.com Alright, the floor is now yours." "Well, xnxx com Sir..." "Okay, let's stop for a moment. I suggest you call me AH, or Drew, or perhaps "You Jerk", anything but Sir! xmxx Please!" "Umm, what does AH mean?" xnxx selingkuh "Ass hole. You are welcome to call me that, if it will make you feel better. I know of more than a few www.xnxx people, who referred to me as such over xnxx desi the years!" I chuckled xnxx teen in reply. Nichole turned bright red, at the same time she giggled. However, she remained xxx xnxx ill-at-ease. Therefore, I buzzed Dakota, inviting her to come up. Once she arrived, I turned to my young companion, stating, "Sweetheart, I asked my niece to join us, in the hope she can make indian xnxx you feel zoo xnxx more comfortable talking to me. I need to know what upset you. If it is me, xxnxx then we will xnxx teen find a bokep xnxx caring home to place all of you in. However, I want to adopt you three." As soon as I finished, the poor darling xnxx 2020 broke into heartbreaking sobs. I thought I took indo xnxx the wrong approach, until she jumped up and embraced me, using all her might. She sobbed several xnxx.com moments, before she exclaimed, "NO! I...I love it here...with you. Please...p...please don't make me leave!!" I held her tightly, whispering everything would be alright. After a few moments, I carefully pulled back from her, in order to observe mom xnxx her tear-stained face. "Nichole, Sweetheart, what upsets you xxn to this mom xnxx point, you xnxx selingkuh feel I might send you away? It xnxx selingkuh won't ever happen! Please tell me, so I can help fix things." Breathing deeply, the tiny munchkin wiped her eyes, after which she added, "I wish xnxx hd I xxnn could, but I know you will throw out me, and maybe my brothers: There is no way you would want me to be your daughter!" She again began to cry uncontrollably. I didn't want to take this route, but I had no choice. I pulled my niece into the hall, explaining, "Dakota, I must try a different approach to pry the information out of her. I'm sure you don't know, otherwise you would have told porn xnxx me. 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"Well, then, I guess you aren't leaving me much choice. Nichole, if you can't reveal what occurred, xnxx sex video I shall request you and your bothers be placed elsewhere. You porno xnxx may stay as long as you need, but I plan to find you a new home, one where you can feel secure." On cue, Evan's sister ripped into me, "That is totally xnxx japan unfair, Uncle Drew, you shouldn't expect her to trust you right off xnxx hindi the bat, not after all she's been through!" "Dakota, xnxxx I agree with you. I xnxx gay mustn't force her to tell me what is wrong. At the same time, I don't want this poor girl to remain, if my www xnxx presence scares her, video xnxx or she feels unsafe. This leaves me no alternative except to find her, plus her siblings, another home." It surprised me to find myself crying. gay xnxx xnxx tube "I am s...s...so, s...s...s...sorry, Sir. Let me explain: My step father raped me! I'm two months pregnant! With that, videos xnxx the poor child ran into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her. Needless to say, her dramatic revelation shocked me. Once I recovered my senses, I realized my soon-to-be daughter locked herself , xnxx jav in xnxx hot the bathroom, fearing the worst from me. I ran to there, knocked lightly, then said, "Nichole, Sweetheart, we will phim xnxx solve this problem, together. Please let me in, so I can talk with you. xxnx.com I need to know you are alright!" I waited a xnxx vina garut couple of minutes, until I heard the lock click. I jav xnxx sex xnxx opened the door and took the frightened xnxx barat little girl into www xnxx com my arms, while we cried (Much later, I realized my niece left us to work things out.). "My Dear, this changes nothing. I xnxxcom stand behind you, whatever you decide. We shall get you the best available care, should you choose to keep the baby. You remain blameless; I will never xnxx xnxx look down upon you nor your child! However, I swear the man responsible for your dilemma will get the severest punishment under the law!" After a few more moments of hugging, plus rocking back and forth, I asked, "Sweetie, how shall we proceed?" "I know this might be hard, but I don't want to kill my baby. My child is innocent of any wrong desi xnxx doing. I'm ready to give my kid up for adoption, but I prefer xnnx to raise the little one as my own." "Good, you make me a proud grandpa, once again!" +*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+* Thank you for the feedback. Thanks for your support! As always BR you make this such a better story and make me a better person!! And a SPECIAL WAY TO GO for a porn xnxx special young man! DLM I am so damn proud of you! Way to go on your grades! Join my new Yahoo group http://groups.yahoo/group/Djsramblings/ I will still be posting to Nifty as well as my Yahoo group FIND A WAY TO HELP A CHILD xnxx porno THIS xnxx videos MONTH! That is my challenge to each reader. Please remember that kids are www xnxx com our future. It's time to protect them. No Child Should Have To Sleep On The Street Tonight! Hugs Darrin Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2010 13:42:53 gay xnxx -0600 From: Darrin J. Thomas Subject: Dylian Book II chapter 27 xnxx tv Dylian Book II Chapter 27 On my way to the hospital, I made a detour to the Best Buy, where I bought my eleven-year-old a fully loaded gaming system, plus an IPod. While I paid, I thought my son might have a roommate. Therefore, xnxx asia I called the nursing station on my Misha's floor. I found out my boy did, a destitute, fourteen year old orphan. Hence, I got him the same items. Next, I purchased sleepwear for the two, at a nearby Sears. Arriving at my destination, I dropped in on Simon and his boyfriend. The two laughed, when I entered laddened down with packages. In response, I explained, "Look, our little patient needed a few things to help keep him entertained, while he remains here. Also, I discovered his roomie is a foster child, who has nothing. So, I bought duplicate items for the boy. I charged everything to the S&E fund, since this is what you established the foundation for. By the way, Son, I want you to put some music on both IPods." After handing them to xnxx asia my boys, I visited my other bed xnx ridden son and his nxnn fellow patient. It turned into a complicated procedure, which included being xnxx sex sanitized and forced to wear a protective gown. Once I entered my child's room, I heard him exclaim. "Sir!" xnxx.com "Hi, Son, you know, your brother and sister call me Dad!" I joked to put him at ease. "Really, xnxx hindi you wouldn't mind?" "On the contrary, I want you xnxx mom to!" Then, I handed him my gifts, while desi xnxx adding, "Here are a few things, xnxx bokep I picked up on the way." "Wow, look xnxx download an Xbox360: Now, we won't become bored!" "That's nice, Misha, but I am sure your dad didn't buy one for me. How many controllers come with xnxx jav it?" My boy puts up one finger, so the poor teen dejectedly added, "Oh!" At that moment, I xnxx japan handed the youngster his presents, while saying, "Young Man, I think this belongs to you." "Awesome, those are for me, Sir? Look, Misha, a second controller!" "Yes, Sweetie. Now don't wear yourselves out playing, but I wanted you to be xxnxx occupied. Also, xnxx arab I think these are xnxx barat for the two of you." sex xnxx With that, I handed each their pajamas. The look on Jaden's face paid me back one thousand fold, the few pennies it cost. Soon, tears of joy flowed down each child's face. nxnn So, I asked, "Are you kids, alright?" The two responded in unison, "Yes, Sir!" "Thank you very much for these, but I can't pay you back for them." "Silly Willies, they are my gifts to the two of you!" I helped Jaden into the bathroom, where he quickly changed into his new sleepwear. Then, I walked him back to his bed. Shortly thereafter, the lover boys xnxx sex video walked in. My son handed me one of the IPods, but he kept the other. Turning to my eleven-year-old, I asked, "Would you like to speak with Simon xxn and Even?" "Yeah!" At the moment I remembered to add, "Oh yes, I nearly forgot, Nicole and Greyson send their love. They wanted to come with me, but your doctor said no, xnxx tamil in order to minimize your risk vidio xnxx of infection." {}Hey, Big Guy, how are you feeling? Do you like your roommate?{} "I'm fine. Jaden is awesome. He welcomed me with open arms, when I arrived. xmxx He showed me the ropes, and he never xnxx sex video got mad, each time I asked him a bunch of questions. Look, xnnn what Dad got us!" {}Cool! Jaden, thanks for watching out for my little bro. indo xnxx I'm Simon, and this is my boyfriend, Even. We established the S&E Fund, to cover expenses for deserving foster children in need of medical help. We also bought you videos xnxx something else.{} Even handed the fourteen-year-old the IPod. The boy looked as if he xnxx barat would pass out. "You're loaning this to me, wow, thanks! I promise to take very good care of it." "Uh, no. We purchased the xnxn player for you. If gay xnxx you want more music on it, give us a call. I xxx xnxx am in Room 318 with Simon." Suddenly, the youngster burst into tears. My nephew walked over, gathered the younger boy in his arms and tightly held the overwrought kid. "I am sorry, thank you so much! I love music xnxx stories xnxx videos of any kind, but well never mind." "Look, it would be a better gift, if it xnxx hd contained the selections you most like!" "Could you add xnxx indian some classical pieces?" {}There are a bunch, should you want others, make me a list. My little brother, Dylian, loves all kinds, particularly classical, therefore I already added xnxx 2020 them. Dad also gave me a Rhapsody account, so I can get anything else."{} Unknown to Jaden, I handed Misha his IPod with a smile. He xnnn xnxx anime returned my grin, without letting his roommate see him. After my boy unpacked it, he asked, "Hey, Simon, do you have the tune, `I stand alone' by Brian White? It's from the movie 'Quest for Camelot'." {}No, but let me vidio xnxx see if I can download it.{} Within minutes xnxx.com he added the requested number. I remained fascinated, watching my son handle his computer. xnxx tamil His fingers flew around the keyboard, almost as fast as Allen's. Once my eleven-year-old tuned it in, he started singing: I know the sound of each rock and stone And I embrace what others fear You are not to roam in this forgotten place Just the likes of me are welcome here Everything breathes And I know each breath For me it means life For others, it's death It's perfectly in balance Perfectly planned More than enough For this man Like every tree Stands on it's own Reaching for the sky I stand alone I share my world With no one else All by myself I stand alone I seen your world With these very eyes Don't come any closer Don't even try I've felt all the pain And heard all the lies But in my world there's no Compromise Like every tree Stands on it's own Reaching for the sky I stand alone I xnnx share my world With no one else All by myself I stand alone xnxx japanese All by myself I stand alone All by myself I stand alone -Brian White "Sweetie, that was fantastic!" {}Awesome!{} "Amazing!" "So cool!" Everyone exclaimed, at the same time. {}Misha, do you know any others?{} Suddenly, my little one rolled xnxx hot over and started to cry. When I sat down on his bed, xnxx japan he covered his head. My heart broke, as he begged me not to beat him. "I am so sorry, please indian xnxx don't hit me. I forgot xnxx teen not to sing out loud!" "Sweetie, I could never strike you, under any circumstances! I xnx love hearing your voice. If I had the gifts, you and Dylian possess, I would perform them for everyone. Please tell me, did that monster punish you?" The poor munchkin nodded, sex xnxx while tears streamed down his face. Once again, I wanted to murder that evil man! Instead, I said, "Misha, it will never happen again, not with me around!" xnxn {}Or, us!{} "Simon is right, we shall protect you!" "Son, if I get Dylian, indian xnxx Bradley and nxxn Dakota to play the music, would you record your tune?" "I guess." After another hour of happy small talk, which included my second prodigy's ad lib xnxx anime performance, I accompanied my desi xnxx free porn xnxx lover boys back to Simon's room. I wished them good night, and bokep xnxx then I headed xnxx 2020 home. On the way, I called Agent Jackson. I informed him of Misha's breakdown, asking the man to find a way to increase xnxx sex videos the bastard's punishment. Jim told free xnxx me the prisoner had mistakenly been placed in the general population, where some other men severely beat him. At present, it was unclear, whether he would survive. I suggested he receive the best care available. I wanted him to have his day in court, and then spend the rest of his days xnnn behind bars. xnxx tube +*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+* Thank you for the feedback. Thanks for your support! As always BR you make this such a better story and make me a better person!! I hope everyone has a safe and happy xnxx korea Holiday season! Join my Yahoo group http://groups.yahoo/group/Djsramblings/ xnxx desi I www xnxx will still be posting to xnxx porn Nifty as well as my Yahoo group Please remember that kids are xnxxcom our future. It's time nxxn to protect them. No Child Should Have To Sleep On The Street Tonight! Hugs Darrin Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2011 23:44:13 -0600 From: Darrin J. Thomas Subject: Dylian xnxx movies book II chapter 29 Dylian Book II Chapter 29 After dinner with my with my children, I vidio xnxx enter my study to make some calls. Using my business contacts, I trace down Bryan White's recording label. The president xxnx of that company is a client of xnxx porn DJ Enterprises, Bill Bennett. So, I phone, "Hello, the Bennett residents, how may I help you?" "This xnxx hd is Drew Thomas, is the man of the house at home?" "One moment, Sir." A short time later, I hear, "Drew, would you believe I was jav xnxx just thinking of www xnxx com you." "You're kidding! The reason I called, Bill, I need a favor." I fill telugu xnxx him in on background, before I explain, "I want to fly Brian White out here for a day, so he can give a concert for my youngster, Misha. Can you arrange it?" "I need some time xnxx app to make it happen, since he is no longer under contract. Of course you are aware, it nxxn won't come cheap." "When you get this done, I will send you two cases of my best scotch. You have my private number, please give it to xnxx vina garut Mr. White, but make sure no one else gets it." "Drew, there xnxx sex videos may be one fly in the ointment. A few years ago, Bryan found God. Since then he has done a great deal of Christian music. I don't know how he is going to react to your gay children." "Well, we must play that one by ear. As a last resort, have him call me. I'm much obliged to you for your aid." "No xxnx.com problem, Drew, xnxx download leave the rest to me." The promise of a visit from his favorite artist after he recovers, should boost my boy's spirit. I hope, sufficiently, xnxx jepang to xnxx stories overcome any depression, which may arise out of the necessary isolation from his siblings. While deep in thought, I hear a knock. Looking up, I see Nicole. "Hi, Sweetheart, come on in. I want you to know the same thing holds for you, as for all my other children: Unless my door is closed, you may enter without permission, no matter how xnxx jepang busy I xnxx sex am. xnxx download So, xnxx japanese what can I do for you?" In reply, jav xnxx the little darling walks around my xnxx gay desk. She hugs me, before she plants a kiss on my cheek. "I wanted to say thanks for everything and tell you goodnight. I am going to read, take a shower then go to bed. I am very tired for some reason." "Okay, Nicole: Remember, tomorrow you have xnxx sex videos a medical appointment with Dr Yee at one thirty, so I www.xnxx will be pick you up at lunch time. Aunt Debbie says she xnxx tv is the xnxx asia best OB-GYN in the city." "Umm, what is an OB-GYN?" www.xnxx.com "The term refers to an obstetrics bokep xnxx and gynecology physician. Simply put, she is your female doctor; you know for your women parts." I blush, while I explain. However, I phim xnxx couldn't let my daughter down. "We shall meet her xnxx telugu together; afterwards I'll leave, unless you want me to stay. In the xnxx movies future, if you rather japanese xnxx Aunt Debbie, Dakota or Patty take you, I'm sure they shall gladly agree." "Really, y